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Crew, we want to dedicate this page to you! You are amazing and we want to ensure that you are always in the know! Please bookmark this page and be sure to check back often for the latest info and resources.


  • Crew is a family taking part together in a remarkable, meaningful, challenging, and life changing experience. Crew Members commit to an entire event of service and assistance to others in an effort to help in the battle against cancer. Crew begin their journey together on Friday evening, arrive early on Saturday morning for a great day ahead, stay at Camp overnight together, and conclude their experience seeing all of their hard work pay off with a successful, fun, and meaningful weekend. Crew Members form a lifelong bond that is initially brought together by a common interest and grows because of amazing experiences they have in their journey throughout the event and beyond!
  • Crew are asked to be and do a lot. In return, please be prepared to receive high-fives, smiles, tears, and sincere thanks from the Participants and Staff. You are truly astonishing!
  • Crew strives for EXCELLENCE. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of others whether it is a fellow Crew Member or Participant. We want everything to look fabulous, work efficiently and be top notch. This Crew strives towards perfection.
  • Crew displays excellent TEAMWORK! This event would not happen without many people working together towards a common set of goals. By working together with set plans or any unique situations that arise, the Crew shows their commitment to each other, the Participants and the cause over and over during the event.
  • Crew is all about is SERVICE. When you serve as a Crew Member on The Ride, you will put yourself through an endurance test, but you will be rewarded in ways that you’ve never imagined.
  • Crew exhibit amazing FLEXIBILITY throughout this event. By keeping a smile on your face and being willing to help where there is a need, the Crew often have an even more diverse set of experiences while on the event than they anticipated when they began their journey.
  • THANK YOU for making this amazing commitment. You work to help create a wonderful experience for the Riders and show the world that heroes really do exist. You are the backbone of the event.


Who is my Crew Coach?

Your Crew Coach is your leader and support. You Crew Coach is there to inform you, guide you and listen to you and share in this experience with you. Your Crew Coach works throughout the year to recruit Crew Members, answers all your questions and ensure that all teams are formed. Your Crew Coach strives to educate the Crew on their responsibilities on the event. Your Crew Coach will be there onsite to support their efforts, assist however necessary, and encourage the Crew in all of their activities. Most of all, your Crew Coach looks forward to an amazing time together in this epic journey!


Other ways to be involved

  • Attend Orientations to learn more; past Crew can speak about their fabulous experiences (please coordinate schedules with your Crew Coach)
  • Check out the Calendar for activities going on in your community for you to attend or even help with!
  • Lead Training Rides! Crew can certainly Lead the training or participate. Come meet other Riders!
  • Help out in the office. Contact the local team to see where help is needed each week!
  • Talk with your family, friends and colleagues to get them involved with The Ride! You can create your own team or have others join you in the fun!
  • Create a Fundraising Goal for yourself. Though Crew are not required to fundraise, every donation helps!
  • Become a Team Captain. You will serve as a leader for your Crew Team and work closely with your Crew Coach to help in the success of the Ride!


Here are more documents to help you successfully fundraise.

Five Key Steps for Fundraising Success

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Stay in touch with your Crew Coach! Don't forget to download your monthly Newsletter for the latest updates and info.

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