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Achieve Fundraising Success

On your epic journey toward the 2015 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, you will make a meaningful impact on cancer research. In 2009, the first year of The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, it surpassed all other cycling events to become Canada's most successful cycling fundraisers. Since then, over $218 million has been raised.

You are required to raise a minimum of $2,500 in donations for the 2015 Ride. It’s surprising how quickly the donations add up once you put your heart, creativity, and commitment into securing donations. The key is getting started now!

Donation Deadline

-Mailed donations must be postmarked by June 19, 2015, in order to be credited to your total fundraising amount before the event.
-You can fundraise online until July 10, 2015!
-You can hand in last minute donations on Day One, before Opening Ceremonies.
-Each offline donation must be accompanied by a completed donation form.
-Visit the Resources section of our website to download a donation form.


Secure Your First Donation Today

Ask for your first donation today! Think of the people you can ask who won’t say no family, friends, co-workers. Get that first donation to start momentum. You can do it! The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to reach beyond $2,500.

Create Your List of Potential Donors

Write down the names of all of the people in your life: family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, family doctor, auto mechanic don’t leave anyone out. You know a lot of people!

Email Everyone

You’ll receive a simple email from us within 24 hours of registering that you can easily forward to all of your contacts. They can click on a link in the email to donate to you online.

  • Even better, personalize an email with the story about why you are committed to The Ride. Inspire your donors to support you!
  • Follow up with a phone call to everyone you emailed after a week to secure a donation if they haven’t already donated online.
  • You can also login to your personal page online, where you will find emails already written for you to send as follow-ups and thank yous.

Expanding Your Giving Circle

Reach people you’ve never met!

  • Have everyone you email forward your donation request to their friends and family.
  • Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your journey and encourage others to support you.
  • Have family and friends distribute donation forms for you and talk to their contacts about supporting your Ride.

Ask for Corporate Support

Ask your workplace to support your epic journey.

  • Ask management if your company will contribute to your ride either through a donation or even donation matching. Don’t be afraid to ask big!
  • If coworkers express an interest in The Ride, form a corporate team with your company’s support. Everyone will raise more money, and it’s excellent for boosting camaraderie!
  • Visit our Corporate Teams Page for more information and benefits.

Customize Your Personal Page

Your Personal Page is an easy way to share why you’ve made the decision complete The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

  • Post your photo, tell your story, update your fundraising goal, request donations, and keep track of your fundraising progress.
  • Link to your Personal Page in emails and on social media
  • Riders who customize their pages raise on average 22% more those who don’t

Set Your Goals High

The minimum fundraising requirement is $2,500. The average participant raises more than $3,000! How much more can YOU raise?

There are incentives for fundraising, teambuilding, and other challenges. You could even become an Ambassador! Remember, you are asking for money to help provide critical cancer research. You can make an epic impact!

Cash Donations

Cash donations are easy to process. Either fill out a printed donation form from the Resources section of our website and attach a personal cheque with the donation amount, or make a donation online using your credit card equal to the cash donation you received. The donor will receive a tax receipt via email or mail, according to the information given on the form.


Generous Partners

Norco, our national bike partner, is proud to offer a great way to boost your fundraising. When you purchase a 2015 Norco, Norco Bicycles will make a donation to your personal fundraising account. Visit www.norco.com/rtcc to learn more!

Dilawri Group of Companies is proud to join the 2015 event as our National Support Vehicle Partner. Purchase or lease a vehicle from any Dilawri dealership and receive a donation to your personal fundraising account. Visit www.dilawri.ca/rtcc to learn more!

Your Participant Centre

Your Participant Centre has all of the resources you need to jumpstart your fundraising.
  • You can send emails, find email templates, keep track of your donors, and easily follow-up with them from your Participant Centre
  • Upload your contacts from your address book
  • Update your fundraising goals
  • Track your progress, and if you have a team, track its progress
  • Update your Personal Page

Email Signature

Extend your fundraising reach by including The Ride email badge every time you click “send!”

  • Personalized just for you, the email badge will display your fundraising goal and progress, and link directly to your personal page where donations can be made.
  • The email badge can be used on multiple accounts.
  • Find the email badge in your Participant Centre

Facebook application

Download the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer Facebook Application and start fundraising with your Facebook profile today!

Mobile App

Download your Ride mobile app in the Participant Centre. Send out fundraising messages to your email contacts and Facebook friends while keeping track of your donations. You'll also stay in-the-know with updates from our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and push notifications of important reminders!


Ask your company to support you. Talk to management about a donation from the company, or even donation matching. If the right people know about your commitment to the ride, fundraising possibilities are limitless.

Corporate teams are a great way to increase individual Riders’ fundraising, while encouraging camaraderie and increasing the exposure of your company. Approach management about supporting a corporate team. Resources for Corporate Teams can be found on our Corporate Teams page.

Hometown Press

Sharing your story with the media is a great way to bolster your fundraising campaign and raise awareness about the cause in your community. By riding, you’re making a bold statement that your community will want to know about.

Our Program:

Donation Release
Registration Release
Sample Success Story (coming soon)

Click the "Donation Release" or the "Registration Release" document above to see two press release templates that describe your motivation for participating and your dedication to conquering cancer. Personalize the release and send it to your local newspaper.

Be sure to include your name and participant ID in the article. This allows people you don’t know to donate to you via your Personal Page. The "Instructions" document explains how to fill out the Hometown Press Release. The "Sample Success Story" is an example of how one of your fellow Riders used the Hometown Press Release with great success!

Fundraising Advisory:

Fundraising Advisory
Sample Success Story (coming soon)

Do you want to invite your community to attend your own fundraising event? Click the "Fundraising Advisory" document above to open a media advisory template that will alert those in your area about your fundraiser. Personalize the advisory and send it to your local newspaper’s community calendar section. If the newspaper does not have a community calendar section, send the advisory to the “General News” or “News Tips” email address.

Be sure to include your name and participant ID, so those who are unable to attend can still donate to you via your Personal Page. The "Sample Success Story" shows you an example of how one of your fellow Riders used the Fundraising Advisory with great success!

Good luck with your Hometown Press campaign, and please contact ChloŽ Hill at chill@contrelecancer.ca if your story makes the news!