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Team Captains

Team Captains

The Team Captain Role

Taking on the role of Team Captain and organizing a team is a powerful way to take action and truly change lives. There is no limit to how many team members you can have and ALL are welcome (16+ years old). Plus, the more you recruit, the more Ambassador incentives you can earn!

We thank you for your commitment to our mission and as Team Captain, we admire your leadership skills and passion. In fact, we share the same level of excitement! Throughout your time training, fundraising, and getting amped up, we are here to help you and your team have a fun and exciting adventure toward the Finish Line.

This page has been designed with you and your very important role in mind. Please check back often as we will continually add new resources to help you be the best Team Captain you can!

We host periodic Team Captain Training Seminars which allow you to learn exciting tips and network with experienced captains. We do not have any scheduled at the moment, but please download our PowerPoint which is filled with helpful information for you! If you have any questions, always feel free to contact our Ride Guides at or connect with our Facebook community.


1) Visit your Participant Centre online by clicking here. Personalize your Team Page including images from past events, training rides, or any fundraisers you host. Share your team's story. Now ASK EVERYONE to get involved--family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, dentist, car mechanic, etc. Talk about The Ride and your team to everyone you meet. If you’re pumped about this event, the more contagious the excitement and involvement becomes. Spread The Ride fever!

2) Ask everyone to get involved family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, dentist, car mechanic, etc. Talk about The Ride and your team to everyone you meet. If you’re pumped about this event, the more contagious the excitement and involvement becomes. Spread The Ride fever!

3) Send those emails! It’s easy to do through your Participant Centre. We provide you with template emails that you can use to recruit team members. Be sure to ask permission from your HR department if sending to your coworkers, which we definitely recommend.

4) Get active - socially. Using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter has never been easier. These are fantastic tools to reach broader audiences about your team. Update your status and send tweets that include Ride to Conquer Cancer messaging. Don’t forget to include a link to your Team Page!

5) Pay it forward. Encourage your teammates to forward a recruitment email to their friends, family, business colleagues, and anyone else on their contact list. Word of mouth is still one of the most efficient ways to grow a team.

Keeping Your Team Motivated

Help build excitement for The Ride amongst your team! We want all our teams to arrive at The Ride ready to make an impact and show the community that there truly is strength in numbers. Here’s what you can do to inspire your team leading up to the big day.

1) Stay in regular communication. Send weekly email updates or make weekly phone calls with the latest Ride information, fundraising ideas and any success stories from your team members. Email your team inspirational quotations, a short story about how your life has been affected by The Ride, or stories and photos from past events. You can even create a team newsletter like this one! You can easily send emails to your team from your Participant Centre. Your team will be inspired by your enthusiasm.

2) Distribute a few sample fundraising and team recruitment emails from your Participant Centre. Each team member has access to the same email templates, but sometimes people need the extra push. Encourage your team members to start sending these emails right away including the Ride to Conquer Cancer email signature and badge at the bottom.

3) Host a kick-off party to recruit more Riders and get everyone involved excited about The Ride. Share why this event is so important to you on a personal level and allow time for them to share their reasons too. Start brainstorming ideas for team FUNdraising efforts. Make your computer available for team members to set up their Personal Page before leaving. If they have any trouble, they can ask you right then and there. We have found that Riders who have an active Personal Page are likely to raise more than double the funds.

4) Dress with pride! In addition to The Ride jersey, your team may want to create their own jerseys, buttons, banners, or arm bands to show-off your team name, or reason for riding. Riders often are riding in honour of a loved one and feel motivated to share their primary source of inspiration with the rest of the Ride community on event. We say go for it!

5) Help your team stay in the loop. Stay in touch with your team especially in the weeks leading up to The Ride. Be ready to offer help and solutions to team members who have a hard time asking for donations or training. It may seem obvious to you that you are available, but we have found that it helps if you let them know. Check in with team members who are struggling in any way. Once they know that you are seriously invested in them, they will feel more comfortable reaching out and most importantly, staying engaged and committed to The Ride.

Team Fundraising

When you’re part of a team, you have more options when it comes to fundraising. You can explore outside-the-box ideas and get more creative. Put your heads together to see what you can come up with to further your fundraising power. As Team Captain, here are some ideas to help you inspire your troops.

1) Set a team goal and brainstorm together. Decide on a team fundraising goal and what you expect each team member to contribute to meet that goal. When everyone on your team has input, they’ll feel even more pride in the outcome. Through email or in person, discuss creative fundraising ideas. When passionate people come together, the ideas start flowing and you build off each other’s concepts. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

2) Make a self-donation. Showing that you are dedicated to the cause is a great example to set for your team. It doesn’t matter how much. What counts is that you’re showing your team that you are committed to your personal fundraising goal. They will follow your lead and we have found that Riders who kick off their fundraising by making a self-donation typically raise more funds.

3) Reach out to your community. With a team to help you out, you can set up a booth or concession stand at a local event or fair. Host a block party together in the neighbourhood. Plan a group auction or raffle party at a favorite restaurant or bar. You could even host a joined rummage or garage sale. There are plenty of ways to engage the community and have a blast while doing it.

4) Use our online tools. Every Rider has access to the Participant Centre, where they can create a personal web page. Set yours up first and encourage all your team members to do the same. They can start sending out fundraising emails straight from there by using our pre-written email templates. Include our Ride to Conquer Cancer email signature and badge across all fronts emails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and encourage your team to do this too. This is also a great way to keep everyone in your life updated on your fundraising progress. Be sure to announce your team name and goal for the Ride.

5) Tap into your workplace. Send emails to your coworkers asking them to donate and/or register to ride. Ask your HR department if you can host a “Casual for The Ride” day at your office. Coworkers can dress down in exchange for a donation. Have a team member host a “Coffee Break to Conquer Cancer” where s/he takes collections for a coffee run and charges a little extra for delivery. The extra funds go towards The Ride. Many workplaces will match a portion of the money their employees raise for various causes.

Check with your HR department to find out if they have a MATCHING GIFTS program. This could be a great opportunity to raise additional funds towards your team goal. If one team member doesn’t have a matching gifts program, perhaps another team member does. It’s your job to encourage them to ask.

Team Training

Encourage your team to train together! A team that trains together, Rides together. We have found that teams that get the most out of the event have spent time preparing as a “Ride family.” They often are seen riding together as a pack during training rides, but also on event. They have spent so much time training together that an unshakeable bond has developed. This “Ride Camaraderie” can really enhance your team’s experience.

1) Organize team training rides and weekly workouts. Make sure everyone is aware of these group activities by sending out clear information and reminder emails to each team member. If you don’t hear back from a team member, check in and let them know they were missed.

2) Share healthy diet tips and recipes, along with cycling information such as top-rated helmets and cycling shoes. Some team members may not be familiar with cycling gear.

3) Plan group fitness activities especially over the cold winter months when it can be more difficult to stay motivated. As Team Captain, it’s your job to set an example but feel free to enlist some help from other team members who have time. Your hard work will pay off when you proudly cross the Finish Line with your entire team.

4) Working together as a group, you can accomplish great things.. Remember that not all team members are going to be at the same fitness level. Rally behind a team member who may need extra training to help them feel confident for the event. Working together as a group, you can accomplish great things. Strive to create a team that supports each other and keeps each other going. It’s not all on your shoulders. If you lead by example, your team will follow suit and work hard to keep each other motivated leading up to the event.