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Your Volunteer Page

Volunteers, we want to dedicate this page to you! You are amazing and we want to ensure that you are always in the know! Please bookmark this page and be sure to check back often for the latest info and resources.

Who Are Volunteers?

A Volunteer is a gracious individual who gives their time for others. The Volunteers on this event will help in a variety of capacities.

  • Office Volunteers: those who spend time in the event office helping with phone calls, emails, mailings, and more.

  • Training Volunteers: those who lead Training events to help Participants, Crew and Volunteers who wish to actively train for the event, interact with others who will be on the event and reach their goal of completing the physical triumph of this type of athletic event.

  • Event Volunteers: those who will be onsite helping with the set-up, the on-event functions, and the conclusion of the event.

  • Tent Volunteers: those who set up and take down the sleeping tents that create the overnight accommodations for each Participant on the event.

Who is my Volunteer Coach?

Your Volunteer Coach is your resource and your encouragement. Your Volunteer Coach is there to communicate details, listen to your feedback and questions, seek out answers and help you with your journey on the event. Your Volunteer Coach works throughout the year to recruit Volunteer Members and ensure that the positions are filled in order to produce a successful event. Your Volunteer Coach will be there onsite to support, assist and applaud your efforts. Your Volunteer Coach is excited for each Volunteer’s involvement with this amazing time!

Other Ways to Be Involved

  • Attend Orientations to help check in interested people, get people registered, talk about your experience on past events.

  • Check out the Event Calendar for activities going on in your community for you to attend or even help with!

  • Lead Training Rides to meet other people involved in The Ride!

  • Help out in the office by contacting your Volunteer Coach to see where help is needed each week!

  • Talk with your family, friends and colleagues to get them involved with The Ride! You can create your own team or have others join you in the fun!

  • Become a Team Captain and you will serve as a leader for your Volunteer Team and work closely with your Volunteer Coach to help in the success of The Ride!

Your Volunteer Kit

Find all the tools you'll need in this section. Check back often as we will be adding more resources for you!


Stay in touch with your Volunteer Coach! Don't forget to download your monthly Newsletter for the latest updates and info.